Our aim is to empower girls, boy’s, women and men through pageantry, fashion and creativity. We aim to give them the opportunity and support to showcase their talent and beauty through Enablement International.
Mr and Miss Enablement will bring the community together and encourage further inclusion for individuals with special needs. We are aiming to bring smiles to the faces of all our contestants at Mr and Miss Enablement. Here the participants will continue to show off their success and capabilities.


Mr and Miss Enablement pageant and fashion show is not taking place just in London but all over the UK,
Applicants are expected to register under the city they reside in. So we are inviting you to join us this year at
Mr and Miss enablement pageant taking place across many cities.


Mr and Miss Enablement pageant will cover the following ages:
1) 5-9 Mr & Miss Violet
2) 10-14 Mr & Miss Blue
3) 15-19 Mr & Miss Indigo
4) 20-25 Mr & Miss Green
5) 26-35 Mr & Miss Yellow
6) 36-46 Mr & Miss Orange
7) 47-57 Mr & Miss Red
8) 58 and above Mr & Miss Silver

All these groups of participants will learn as well as enjoy this experience. The interview, introductions and evening wear sections of the competition will offer each applicant the opportunity to focus on his/her ability celebrating and empowering them!  click here to apply  Registration fee for beauty pageant or fashion show costs £60, or £100 for both. This cost covers Photo shoot and Portfolio participation for fashion show and or Beauty Pageant.

How to become a Female Model

Female modelling is exciting and rewarding but you need advice if you are new to the industry. If your dream has always been to become a model then we can assist you in your journey and help to kick start your modelling career.

To become a model you need more than good looks and a good body. You need the right attitude lots of ambition and the determination to succeed. You need to have a likeable personality as you will be working with teams of professionals who will expect you to be easy to get along with. You should be confident and able to strike up a conversation with new people.

Modelling can be a thrilling job choice and can be financially rewarding, however it is competitive especially for girls so you need to have something that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Becoming a female model will not happen overnight. You need to create a professional looking and versatile portfolio showcasing you in the best light and then you need to get as much exposure for yourself as you can. This is where we can help you in your journey to becoming a model. We can help create your model portfolio that as a model is your CV. One thing you must always take on board is that nothing is ever guaranteed and if you decide to enter the modelling industry you need to be prepared for some rejection, as you will not get every casting you go for. Having a supportive family and network of friends is important.

Being a model can be a full time job, you need to take care of your appearance and look presentable

During your time at Enablement International, our industry experts will discover what type of Female Model you can be. You could be suitable for High Fashion, Editorial, Commercial, Health & Fitness, Lingerie or even promotional modelling.

How to become a Male Model

There are many opportunities for male models with Enablement International.

As a male model, you may be right for commercial and acting, health and fitness, editorial, high fashion or alternative modelling.

More and more male models are seen on catwalks and in magazines from Vogue to Men’s Health. If you have the look, talent and determination you could be a very successful male model.

If you want to become a male model, you need to take care of your appearance.

You need a good versatile portfolio to sell yourself to casting directors we will assist you with this.

Being good looking with a good body is not enough to become a male model. You need to be great in front of the camera and look relaxed and confident. Enablement International will help you understand whether you have these requirements, and how to get the most out of yourself.

Male Models will be required to wear some make up in photo shoots. This will be to even out your skin tone, cover any blemishes and accentuate your best features. Whilst this may be a new experience for you, you must be willing to co-operate with the stylists and creative directors and wear exactly what they want you to because after all you are helping create their vision and in turn promoting their products. A good attitude is vital.

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